IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After discussion with our management team and our board of trustees in response to concerns around Covid-19, Positively UK have decided to postpone the conference. The new date is 10th October. Please e-mail us if you have registered but cannot attend on the new date. 
We are delighted to inform you that the fifth National Conference of People Living with HIV will take place on 10th October 2020 at the Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, London.

conference history

Positively UK is the lead HIV peer support organization, led by people living with HIV who are best placed to support others, using their understanding of the health and social implications of an HIV diagnosis. We strive to influence key decision makers and agencies to improve systems, services and policies to improve the quality of life for people living with HIV. We achieve this through meaningful involvement of people living with HIV, provision of training and information to enable people to engage. Being the lead peer-led organization, we are best positioned to organize and host the only Conference of People Living with HIV in the UK.

Positively UK coordinated the first National Conference of People Living with HIV in 2011. Titled No Decision About Me Without Me, it was attended by over 90 people living with HIV. 

The 2013 conference, Engagement: Political, Personal and Clinical, under the theme of the communities of people living with HIV in the UK today speaking with One Voice, was attended by over 100 delegates. The conference has included opening addresses by HIV activists and the Chair of the British HIV Association with engagement from a range of organisations including THT, NAT, i-Base, Sahir House, Positive East etc.

The 2015 conference resulted in the production of the Manifesto of People Living with HIV, with demands from the community to around addressing HIV stigma, treatments, community engagement with the NHS, support services and aging with HIV.

The 2017 conference, HIV: Then, Now and the Future, was hold in conjunction with the Project 100 National Peer Mentor Training Day, held a day earlier. Approximately 100 mentors trained through Positively UK’s peer mentoring training programme, Project 100, were joined by approximately another 100 activists and community leaders in HIV from across the UK.

2020 Conference

The new decade poses new challenges for people living with HIV. While we live longer, have access to treatment and social support, issues around ageing, stigma, mental health and access to support services among others, continue to obstruct the quality of life for many of us. Therefore, we want to produce a manifesto for the new decade, that will influence decision-makers and improve the integrity of decisions about our future.

High profile delegates and leaders with lived experiences will open the day by sharing personal experiences that will provide food for thought for the rest of the day.

We will host the following afternoon workshop sessions:

– HIV and the future of HIV care

– Mental health and the impact of institutionalised and internalised stigma

– Ageing well with HIV

– HIV, intimacy and using the U=U message to empower

– Town and country: reducing geographic disparities.

We ask you for submission of presentations showcasing HIV-related initiatives and good practices in order to share learning solutions across the sector. You will also have an oportunity to co-facilitate a session or take minutes and feed back to the pannel. 

A Steering Group has been formed to direct the conference, decide on the key themes, content and key speakers. The group has 13 members, all people living with HIV from across the UK, who either work or volunteer as patient representatives, provide peer-led support and have knowledge of the current health and social care landscape.

We want to achieve a good balance between people who have never attended a HIV conference and those who have been engaged in debates and activism before.

We plan to match experienced participants willing to mentor less experienced ones during the conference, and in this way to support upcoming HIV community leaders and activists. You will have an opportunity to sign up to be a mentor or a mentee in the application form. 

apply to attend the conference

Application is now closed. Pleas e-mail us if you require more information

We have created an application form to ensure that people with HIV from all parts of the UK and all walks of life are represented at the conference and have opportunities to be involved in shaping the sessions and sharing learning and experiences. 

We welcome applications from participants who have never attended an HIV conference, as well as those who have been engaged in debates and activism before.

We will be pleased to have you at the conference, whether you contribute to a topic, or simply attend one or more workshops – you do not have to have skills or experience!

The deadline for applications is 23:59 on 6th March 2020 (Friday).

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