Fast-Track Cities Initiative: We are launching new services

Fast-Track Cities Initiative: We are launching new services

As we celebrate the second anniversary of London committing to the Fast-Track Cities global initiative, we are delighted to share with you that Positively UK has been awarded funding through the new HIV improvement fund.

The funding will support much-needed services to improve the knowledge, confidence and connections of people living with HIV.

We will reinstall our welfare and benefits advice service, raise awareness on available benefits and organize workshops around filling out forms, household budgeting and other skills. In this way we want to support people to increase their financial resilience and improve their quality of life.

We will be working in partnership with Plus Health and NAZ Project to train volunteer peer mentors and provide peer support across four clinics in West and Central London (56 Dean Street, St Stephen’s Centre, Kobler Clinic, 10 Hammersmith Broadway and West Middlesex University Hospital). By providing access to peer support in clinics, we hope that people will improve their understanding of living with HIV, reduce loneliness and increase their connections with others.

Next, we will be working in partnership with Sophia Forum, UCL and NAM on an innovative project for women with HIV and ageing. We will be raising awareness of the impact of ageing among women with HIV, providing information on HIV and ageing, as well as advocating and campaigning on specific issues faced by older women with HIV. We will do this through an innovative and tailored peer training for women,  paired with professional development opportunities. We will also engage in research and advocacy to influence the development of improved services for older women with HIV.

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