Positively UK appoints a new CEO

Positively UK appoints a new CEO

Positively UK is excited to announce the appointment of Silvia Petretti as the new CEO.

Silvia joined Positively UK in 1999  as volunteer in the Community Development Team, providing treatment information to women attending HIV clinics. Soon she became a staff member leading on support for women with drug and alcohol issues and providing outreach in Holloway prison. Since then Silvia has worked in many roles as a manager, from setting up PozFem, the first national women’s network, developing new activists through the Taking Part Project and the recent Changing Perceptions campaign. For the past six years Silvia has lead in her role as Deputy CEO. Silvia has also represented people with HIV on the British HIV Association (BHIVA) board, between 2008 and 2011, chaired the UK CAB and represented the Global Network of People Living with HIV at the UN. Silvia has been living with HIV for 22 years.

Silvia said “I am delighted to have been appointed CEO, I know, from personal experience that, peer support, sharing our experiences with others in the same situation, can be an incredible tool for personal growth and better health. I also believe that peer support is instrumental for social change and ensuring that as people living with HIV, we have the knowledge, connections and confidence to influence decision making and improve quality of life. I am honoured and excited to work with everyone at Positively UK, to implement our new strategy”.

Paul Decle, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Positively UK said:”Silvia’s appointment as CEO is natural step for Silvia and Positively UK. Over 20 years Silvia has distinguished herself as an outstanding advocate for the rights of people living with HIV and the quality of their care. She is an excellent ambassador for Positively UK and has played a key driving role in the success we have enjoyed in delivering peer to peer support services to the people who need it”.

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