The Manifesto of People Living with HIV

The Manifesto of People Living with HIV

This Manifesto is a campaign for change identified by the communities of people living with HIV around 5 key areas: HIV stigma, Treatments, Engaging, Support Services, and Aging.

Stigma exists in many settings from healthcare provision, the workplace, faith institutes and within our own communities. We seek to create alliances to tackle HIV stigma and change the discourse on HIV, and that people living with HIV are within our communities, are our family and friends.

We will seek the best and most effective treatments for people living with HIV to enable people to live with HIV as a long-term condition. We recognise that people with HIV have a right to make informed choices around treatment and start ARVs when they are ready.

We seek the implementation of a wider approach to tackling HIV prevention including the commissioning of PrEP.

We believe that policies, services and societal attitudes can only be improved with the greater involvement of people living with HIV. We want to develop the skills and knowledge of people living with HIV to meaningfully engage in policy and decision making.

We want multi-disciplinary and integrated care and support. We want clinical bodies, the voluntary and community sector to champion the value peer support across the UK for people living with HIV. We want to see greater access to psychological support services within the clinic and in the community. We seek greater co-ordination and integration to support people living with HIV on the care pathway for HIV and other long-term conditions.

We recognise care should address the needs of specific communities: Gay Men, Heterosexual Men, Young People, and Women.

With rising numbers of people living longer with HIV we need to ensure there are effective support and services to meet the physical, psychological, social and sexual health needs of all the diverse communities of people living with HIV in old age.

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